Two officials from Nyeri County were forced to
abandon their duties Monday to attend a burial after
being summoned through a suicide note.
Tetu Deputy County Commissioner Mr Haman
Shambi and Administrative Police Commander Mr
Wilfred Chacha said they had been informed that the
late Mr John King’ori had left behind a note requiring
them to attend his burial.
Mr King’ori hanged himself some few days ago
outside his house at Huhoini Location in Nyeri
The suicidal note he had written was later found by
police officers who were investigating the matter.
The two officials expressed their shock at being
summoned by a dead person to attend his burial.
“I was shocked for I have never been summoned by
the dead person in my entire lifetime to attend a
burial,” said Mr Shambi.
The two officials were both acquaintances of the late
Mr King’ori when he worked at the Constituency
Development Fund (CDF) offices in Tetu.
The officials confessed that they did not know the
reason behind the summons by the deceased.
The deceased should have at least declared the
reason why he had demanded the two to be present
at the burial, they said.
“According to African traditions, it is quite abnormal
to ignore a dead man’s request, so I had to turn up to
avoid any ancestral curses.
But I am still wondering why he wanted me to attend
the burial,” said Mr Chacha.
The two said that in order to pay their last tribute to
the dead person, they had to abandon their official
duties and honour the wish of the deceased.
“I was actually supposed to investigate an electricity
vandalism case which happened at night but I
delegated it to the Assistant Commander,” said Mr
Mr Chacha said the deceased had earlier attempted
to commit suicide but had been prevented from
doing so by his family members.
He called on area residents to report such suicide
attempt cases to the police for further action.
Attempted suicide is a crime and if the case had
been reported, he would probably be still alive since
we arrest such individuals and rehabilitate them,”
said Mr Chacha.
Mr Shambi said after the deceased’s tenure ended at
the CDF offices, he had often sought financial
assistance from him.
The late King’ri had also made numerous requests to
be re-employed at the CDF offices.
“I personally gave him sacks of maize and beans but
I was unable to find him a job at the CDF offices
because his tenure had ended and there were new
employees as required by the law,” said Mr Shambi.
Mr Shambi said that the area had recently witnessed
many cases of suicide and it was a very worrying
He noted that the people needed to take care of each
other by assisting their neighbours who are in need.
He called upon Kenyans to take advantage of the
newly introduced Nyumba Kumi government security
initiative to assist each other.
“If we embrace each other by offering an ear to the
troubled in the society, I believe such cases of suicide
will reduce,” he said.
He said that incidents of suicide had increased in the
area and this had left many residents worried.
He also called upon the young people to stop over-
relying on employment but instead try to invest in
farming and entrepreneurship.
This, he said, would help them avoid being
overwhelmed by circumstances when they lost jobs.
The Area Senior Chief Mr Duncan Mureithi said that
the deceased was a very jovial man who related well
with other people.
He however added that the late King’ori often had
domestic quarrels with his wife.
Moments before Mr King’ori committed suicide his
wife had gone to the chief for marital guidance.
“His wife came for guidance on how to solve marital
problems with her husband.
But he declined to come and instead chose to solve
the issue through a phone call. Later he committed
suicide,” said Mr Mureithi.
The chief said the deceased had three children and
his first born child is in high school.

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