Africa is very rich in biodiversity of fauna and flora that is interesting the world over.

Some of this diversity constitute objects of curiosity while some are historical heritages like the famed wildlife game parks.

While some of this heritages are legally protected,they still attract poachers from all over the world.

Ivory and rhinocheros horn are trafficked to the oriental world where they are valued in concotion of traditional aphrodisiacs.

Live game is also trafficked to Zoos abroad for those who can’t come for game park safaris to the continent.

Much of trafficking that includes the infamous slave trade is transacted between Africa and other continents.

A very strange kind of trafficking has emerged recently between two East African neighbours namely Kenya and Tanzania-Albinos!

Now,Africa is also infamously famed for its black magic and witchcraft-Vodoo comes to mind when these practices are mentioned.

Albinos,human albinos for that matter are alleged to be a very important component of this black magic.

They are slaughtered-sorry for this graphical description-to provide body parts that make black magic potent to the end users and beneficiaries of this horrendous practice.

In a recent news item,a Kenyan businessman tricked one of his friends to travel to Tanzania where he was going to be sold for Kenya shillings twenty million,an equivalent of USD five hundred thouand all because he is an Albino and his body parts were required for Black magic that portends to heal all manner of illnesses including the dreaded HIV-AIDS!

As the rest of the world is busy looking for vaccine against the AIDS menance,Africa is one step ahead in the wrong direction and it is looking for cure through Black magic.

As an African,I’m very sorry to relate this unfortunate story of tragic human trafficking that takes us the dark ages of black magic.

God save Africa!

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