A virtual store has opened a GRAND SALE in town for
the Greatest Husband on earth and ladies are queing
to lay their hands on this pre-xmas offer.
All women,single,married,divorced,hard to please
types are all qualified to bid for this one-off offer.
The rules are simple.
A lady has the choice of picking this great man by
walking thro six serial stalls that describe the special
attributes that every woman would like in a man.
There is no going back after going thro each stall.
The only way out after picking your man is thro the
fire exit at the back.
Stall number one;This man has average looks,loves
his woman for who she is,has no illusions about
having a glorious marriage unless they both work for
it,loves children and can tolerate inlaws when they
don’t overstay their courtesy calls. He doesn’t do
dishes unless on special occasions.
Not good enough? Proceed please!
Stall number two; good looking,high sense of
humour,will do dishes,an occasional flirt.
Still not good enough! Proceed please!
Stall number Three; has got killer looks,high sense of
humour,very romantic to be with,will do dishes,baby
And entertain mother in law.
Want to try a better one? Proceed please!
Stall number four; gorgeous looks, sensitive to your
needs,sociable with all your friends,will do dishes,will
not flirt.
Any one picked this great guy yet?
NONE! Proceed please!
Stall number five;this guy loves the lord,has
gorgeous looks,very possessive but caring,will do
dishes but will cut your arm if you cheat on him. He
will never cheat on you either and will provide to all
your needs. But will not tolerate your mother in law!
Had your pick yet?
If not,
Then proceed to the last stall!
Stall number six;
You are shopper number 3.7 billion,that is all the
number of women that exist in this earth.The kind of
man you want does not exist. Thank you for window
shopping with us and follow the sign to the fire exit
and watch your step. You don’t look very well
madam. We are sorry to have disappointed you! But
you may find what you want at the car park on your
way out.
And who was waiting at the car park?
Your regular normal guy with open and loving arms
ready to share in your disappointment and take you
home for that snugly nap together that has always
been a good tonic to all your troubles!
A virtual game?
Try real life for more fun about relationships!

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