Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo has moved
to mend relations with media, saying, he supports
Press freedom.
“There are reports in the media that the IG has
threatened to prosecute some journalists. I wish to
clarify that those reports are not true and were most
likely taken out of context,” he said in statement to
newsrooms on Monday.
“Gagging or intimidating the media is not part of my
The friction arose after two KTN journalists and the
Standard Group CEO were summoned by criminal
investigators over the coverage of the Westgate
terrorist attack in which 70 people were killed and
240 others injured on September 21. (VIDEO: Police
target media over CCTV footage)
Mr Kimaiyo said relations with the media were
inseparable and police and journalists need to work
Despite his reassurance, the police boss said he was
still uncomfortable with the way some aspects were
“Repeated airing of terrorists shooting and killing
people is now doing more harm than good.
Reminding people of how loved ones were gunned
down is not helping. If anything this serves to glorify
the work of the terrorists,” he said.

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