Two top Al Shabaab leaders have been killed in a US
drone attack near the town of Jilib in Somalia, US
officials told the media on Monday.
An air strike targeting Al Shabaab on Monday hit a
car believed to be carrying senior members of the Al-
Qaeda-linked group in southern Somalia, witnesses
“We are getting that a missile struck one of the Al
Shabaab vehicles near Jilib,” south of the capital
Mogadishu, local resident Abdi Moalim told AFP by
“Some people who stayed near the area told us it was
an aerial bombardment targeting a vehicle,”he said
adding that the car was carrying “at least three”
Another resident who spoke on condition of
anonymity said he heard an explosion and the sound
of a plane overhead.
“We don’t know who was killed but I can confirm that
there was an attack, aircraft sounded over the sky
and a few minutes later a heavy explosion followed.
No one can dare go to check what happened, Al-
Shebab will kill you,” he said.
No one from Al-Shebab could immediately be
reached for comment.
A raid by US Navy Seals on the southern port of
Barawe in early October failed to hit its alleged
target, a senior Shebab militant leader and Kenyan of
Somali origin called Abdulkadir Mohamed
Abdulkadir, also known as Ikrima.
That raid followed two weeks after an attack by
Shebab gunmen on the upscale Westgate shopping
mall in Nairobi that left 67 people dead during a four-
day siege.
Kenya invaded southern Somalia to attack Shebab
bases two years ago, and later joined the 17,700-
strong African Union force deployed in the country.
The Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab warned Kenya after the
Westgate assault that “rivers of blood” would flow if
it does not pull its troops out of Somalia.

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