I must start by admitting that i’m very lousy at keeping promises i make to other people.

But somehow,they haunt me all the same when i don’t fulfil them.

So,when i met my “lifetime” girlfriend the other day,a promise i made to her back in our college days came back to haunt me.

“Remember Ben the promise you made to me when we were in love back in college,about a night out in the wild,just the two of us?”.

We were dancing to a slow number “Love TKO” by Teddy P.

I had to disengage myself from her warm embrace and take a good look at her face-to see whether she meant what she said.

Let me come out clear on matters between me and Daisy and how she has been my girlfriend for all these years.

We met when i was in high school doing my A-Levels.

She was in a neighbouring girls school. We had an inter-schools debate at her school.

The “motion”, as it was called then; Can a boy and a girl be just “Friends?”.

Now,that was a topic to make us boys,all of us,not just the Debating Club want to troop into that girls school and sit tight for such an exquisite debate topic.

Not that it mattered that all of us who went for that debate were considered truants if we didn’t belong to the Debating Club.

That aside.

I was not a member of Debating Club(i’m just a shy guy who likes carrying-on with my mischief away from prying eyes!).

But Daisy was.

She could debate,and very convincingly for that matter.

To put it out straight, just in case you are still wondering about the proposer and opposers in the debate,the Girls side was supporting the motion-“Yes, blah blah,blah, and still be friends”.

The boys were;”No Way!”.

We were young then.
Our convictions on such a topic were clear cut.

Anyway,the girls won the debate.
The panellists felt that in spite of all the energy the boys used to say otherwise,it would be morally wrong to support the boys side!

That was so many years ago.

Daisy was the star of the debate session.

She had very strong views on “Platonic Friendship” between a boy and a girl.

Every boy in my school “hated” her for her strong views.

But every boy in my school also “loved” her,for Daisy was very beautiful.

She still is!

We felt intimidated by her eloquence, and her flawless beauty.

Something must be done to cut that girl to her size-we all agreed.

Now,my other painful admission that i always make is that i’m not a “looker.”

I’m clumsy.

I’m shy.

I stammer.

I’m short

I’m thin

Not a very winning combination when it comes to winning girls!

But the boys devised a very rude trick to trim Daisy to her size for flooring them on that debate.

I was to approach Daisy and try to win her attention.

My poor looks were meant to mock her beauty.

I mean-,if only the worst looking boy in my school was the only one to walk up to her and “pass a vote of thanks” on behalf of my group,she would feel ridiculed.

Other participating girls got better lookers to convey this same congratulatory message to other lesser girls in her group.

She really felt slighted,that’s for sure,when i walked up to her and voiced-no-stammered my vote of thanks.

But she was a very self-willed girl.

She knew a game was on.

After i had finished,and every fibre in my poor disgraced body was screaming ‘run and hide yourself in shame”,she said thanks-and then,can we meet sometime?

Was she mocking me?

I wasn’t to know then.

But she had her revenge on the rest of the boys well planned.

Next came the inter-schools games.

Daisy was there with a present for me-a well embroidered handkerchief with my first name-or rather,dedicated “To Ben With Love”.~Daisy.

How can i even explain the kefulfle that gift caused in my circle of friends?

I was labelled a traitor.

My poor looks were meant to humiliate Daisy.

How can she even think of gifting such an ugly boy with a nice kerchief?

Well,to cut a long story short,we fell in love,me and Daisy,after a long period of playing the boys at their own game.

At the beginning,she was like-“let me show the boys that i don’t take their joke very lightly”.

Then it grew into-“i didn’t know you are such a good man at heart.”

Later-“i was a fool to think that this game will end my way.”

Finally-“i hate to confess even to myself that i’m in love with you Ben!”

That’s how I’ve ended up dating the most beautiful woman in my life.

Off course,there has been very many other girlfriends in my life,including an Ex-wife.

But they have always left and are now forgotten ,while Daisy has stayed.

Fate saw us join the same college after high school.

We were madly in love.

We were not meant to marry though.

We belonged to different tribes.

It was unheard of to marry someone from a different tribe.

So,we just drifted apart after college without the conventional break-up.

Both of us tried marriage.

Both of us failed.

Both of us are now divorced.

That’s the state at which I met with Daisy recently.

Or rather,Daisy called and invited me to her house-to an all girls party!

“And what will i be doing in an all girls party as the only man?” i cried out in agony(i’m still that shy man who doesn’t know where to place either of my hands in company of many females-i fidget and stammer all the more!)

Daisy was not to be put off by my private worries.

“Just come. I want to show you off to my friends”

“What in the name of-?”

“Look here Ben. I know how you always complain about parties,and then you end up having a better time than anyone else!”

What Daisy had said about my always complaining about parties and having a better time than anyone else-that’s absolutely true!

That may be because i don’t drink that much.

Anyway,by the time i had a drink at that all girls party,it didn’t look so bad,in its own peculiar way.

Every ‘girl’ rushed up and pecked me on the cheek after Daisy had had her territory marked by a full mouth kiss.

Drinks,and more drinks were served.

Music got going.

The dance floor was patronised after a few awkward moves on the sidelines.

Daisy had her first dance with me.

Then it was free-for-all.

Whirling bodies and swathes of good clothes on magical female bodies.

Sweet smelling mixture of perfumes.

Shrilling female voices all happy to be here.

Then the slow numbers and bodies meshed together in the rhythm of love.

Most ‘girls’ as Daisy called them were divorcees,single mothers and i suspect a few lesbians.

It didn’t matter to me who they were in the end.

I was heady with drink.

And that’s when she posed her loaded question;

“Remember Ben the promise you made to me when we were in love back in college,about a night out in the wild,just the two of us?”.

“What about it now, Daisy?”. That was so long ago-and we’ve gone through a lot in life,both of us!”

I cried out.

Daisy likes it when i’m helpless.

“But i can still remember the exact words you used-and said that our honeymoon will be a night out in the wild.”

If you imagine that Daisy would have forgotten after all these years,then you don’t know Daisy.

Last time i met her,she recalled the very words i used to entreat her to my room for a night back in our college years,then added with a wink,”shame on you Ben,i used to think you were so harmless as a man,but i was so naïve”.

She has a photographic memory of things that she chooses to selectively remember.

Well,there wasn’t much i could say to that,so i didn’t.

I was beginning to feel the need for fresh air,but when i started to leave the room,a woman stepped right into my path.

She wasn’t young,and she wasn’t old and had a sly look on her face,as if she and i knew a little secret.

“So you are the ‘famous’ Ben we get to hear of whenever Daisy is lamenting about her failed marriage. You should have married her!”

She said as a way of introduction.

She still made it sound like a guilty secret between us.

I nodded.

Her eyes were on mine.

“I’ve been watching you,Ben,ever since you came through the door. You saw me.”

I couldn’t remember her watching me.

“Well,maybe i did notice,” i said and smiled in a shy satisfied way.

“I’m Frida. Now you must tell me what you were thinking about,standing off there by yourself and watching all of us. Tell me what you thought the first time you looked at me. The very first thing that came to your mind!”

Now,i don’t like to insult a woman,so i said; “the first thing? It was…ehhh…what kind of perfume is that she’s got on?”. I stammered.

Her voice grew very husky and low-“you like my perfume,Ben?”

Well,i hadn’t intended her to take it that way.

“What i meant was…there’s only one thing in the world that i’m allergic to,and that’s perfume. It makes me sneeze.”

She drew herself away as if she was going to explode and then she turned on her high heels whirling the hemline of her dress up to you know where.

As she went away, i heard her say,”Daisy did hook up with a backwoods sort of boy,didn’t she”.

At that moment,i sneezed.

The way i let it go,i bet the neighbours sent out their children out to see if one of the cars at Daisy’s compound had blown a gasket.

Then i got back into the room to find Daisy laughing;

You would have to know Daisy to know how she laughs.

She starts off with a mild smile on her face, eyes to her feet.

Then a few heaves on her well endowed bosom.

Then a full blown hearty laughter that captures her big heart.

Her laughter is what actually describes her when you get to know her first;

Not boisterous, Not mocking.

Just a hearty honest feel-good laughter.

She pushed a glass of whiskey into my hand and drew me aside.

“If Frida can’t make any headway into your pants,then i will have you coz it seems i’m the only one who knows how!” She said slyly.


“Don’t be the tame man you have always pretended to be, Ben. It will be like that honey moon we never had. i’m not the naïve girl you used to harass back in college days. And i’m paying in full for this excursion because i know you are stingy with your coins!”

“But we never got married in the first place!”

“You see. You always walk the straight line Ben,even when there is none. We are both divorced now,and who says a honey moon is the sole preserve of two married people?”

That is how i have found myself at the ‘Honeymoon cottages’ of Namanga River Lodge this weekend with Daisy.

It also happens to be the weekend of my birthday.

A honeymoon and a birthday!

I’m having a time of my life, without paying a coin, courtesy of Daisy!

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