Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has launched an
astonishing attack on opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangirai, describing him as a mad man for refusing
to accept election defeat on July 31.
President Mugabe said his rival was now making
futile visits to Nigerian evangelist, TB, seeking
prayers in a bid to discredit his victory.
“We won elections, now Mr Tsvangirai is running
around saying he was cheated,” he said. “I don’t
think he is normal. He is as good as mad.”
The 89 year-old leaders said the former Prime
Minister had also travelled to London to discredit his
Zanu PF party.
He said seeking prayers from the prominent Nigerian
profit would be futile because Mr Tsvangirai “is a
“He is running to London and has been to TB Joshua
seeking prayers,” he said. “But you cannot pray for a
person who is bent on wrong doing.
“He knows he lost but he says we stole the vote. If
someone tells such lies and goes to the pastor to say
pray for me, God will not listen to such a prayer.
“You know you are telling a lie and you kneel down
asking God to give you blessings.
“Unless you know how to be honest, truthful and
frank and admit your mistakes, God will not listen to
“We also pray for our own mistakes. We won and the
whole world knows that except the British and the
United States who tell lies like (Mr) Tsvangirai.”
The Movement for Democratic Change leader says
his party has gathered enough evidence to show that
the military manipulated the vote to ensure
President Mugabe extended his 33 year long rule by
another five years.
However, Mr Tsvangirai was forced to drop a court
challenge against the outcome of the polls after the
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission refused to release
July 31 election material.
The long time opposition leader is a regular visitor to
TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations
Video footage that showed Mr Tsvangirai losing his
balance after the Nigerian touched his shoulder went
viral on the internet last month.

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