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Fear is a part of most of our lives, there being
numerous factors that threaten our existence.

We fear poverty and unemployment; we fear ridicule
and rejection; we fear disease and war; we fear bad
leadership, we fear making bad choices; we fear
loneliness and death; we fear-ironically- fear itself.

Many people are afraid of speaking in meetings
because they are curtailed by timidity, so they keep
their brainy thoughts to themselves.

We fear trying
things because we are afraid of failing at what we
want to attempt.

Then there are those of us who fear
marriage and/or parenthood because of the
responsibilities that come with it.

Many of us fear falling in love because of the
possibility of heartbreak that being emotionally
involved with someone carries.

Today many fear flying-what with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines
MH370 not far from their minds.

They are also afraid
because of the…

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