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There are some people in this world who seem to
believe that they have the right to never be
offended, ever.

This drives me crazy.

Part of
freedom of expression is that some people, some
times, are going to annoy you or offend you.

That’s part of life.

And unless you’re inciting people to
commit acts of violence, then you really can’t tell
them not to.

Being offended is a choice.

It’s the difference
between getting upset about an insult and simply
laughing it off.

It’s the difference between trying to
silence somebody else and simply acknowledging
that they have different values than you do, even if
those values are really screwed up.
I get comments on this blog all the time that I find

I almost never delete them.

Recently, I
had a guy who made a sexist comment about
women (the comment was to an article about

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