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Kenyan Bloggers are to undergo journalistic training?
In another grandstand move, Kenyans are deflected from
the need to focus on actual issues (the government,
health issues, security threat) and divert our
attention to idiocies like training bloggers.
Bloggers are not journalists. The two words are not
synonyms. Bloggers CAN be journalists, but it is not
a default setting. In the same way, journalists are not
Now that that has been clarified, why is it that
bloggers – who are not journalists – should undergo
journalistic training – unless they want to be
Which is a different article all together.
By definition, a journalist is allowed to write
whatever they like, and thank God for freedom of
The government, police, citizens, organisations and
the press don’t have to like it, and should not be at
liberty to control it – unless, of course, it abuses…

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