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Mind you,i’m a man of very small stature and weight,barely weighing 57kg most of my adult life.

When i grow up, i want to be Hulk Hogan!

Just some wishful thinking that still runs in my mind from my childhood days,and now overtaken by passage of time!

Two things happened last week that took me back
to my childhood.

The first one was WrestleMania 30, which took
place on Sunday night and had one of the biggest
upsets of all time.

The second was the death of one of my childhood
stars, The Ultimate Warrior.

Now, do not give me
the whole wrestling-is-fake line, I know that.

Do not tell me how these athletes — yes, they are
athletes — dope up from here to Uranus, I know
that as well.

Growing up, we had cartoons and Wrestling.

There was that debate show on VOK,now KBC Tv that our parents

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