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“Too much coffee, too much tea,
Too much sugar isn’t good for me.
Too much money and too much fame,
Too much liquer drives a man insane.
But too much love, too much love,
There’s no such thing as gettin’ too much love”~Don Williams

Love is morally desirable as it entails profound care for another person.

It is hard to see how such positive
care can be criticized.

Nevertheless, people do
criticize lovers and especially those whose love appears to be excessive.

Can one tell one’s beloved
that he loves her too much?

Romantic love is described in idealistic terms as
something huge, uncompromising, and without limitations.

Statements like “The world has changed,everything is different now,” “Loving him is
wonderful; my whole being expands into unprecedented realms,” “I am surrounded by nothing
but you” are common among lovers.

If “All you need
is love,” and “You are everything I need,”…

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