A well orchestrated propaganda is being fed to the
Kenyan public seeking to find an excuse for Jubilee’s
poor performance in government.

This propaganda
blames the opposition for not having kept Jubilee “in
check”, hence its poor performance.

What utter nonesense and absolute balderdash!

One would have thought that a weak opposition would
give Jubilee a field day to push all its policies through
Parliament without let or hindrance.

The lead propagandist in all this is one Moses Kuria, the so
called Jubilee Propagandist who only thrives on
threatening Jubilee MPs & Senators who try to
express their displeasure in the bad things the
Jubilee administration does.

The truth is: using the tyranny of both numbers and
political hubris, Jubilee has succeeded in perfecting
the reign of propaganda and the tyranny of lies that
now leads it to attempt to outsource its
incompetence to the opposition.

This cannot be
Jubilee’s salvation.

Prof. Anyang Nyong’o – Sen.
Acting Party Leader

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