My attention has been drawn to the press statement
by Prof Anyang Nyongo to the effect that I lead a
crusade to paint the opposition as a failure
Probably Prof Nyongo got my name wrong.

I am not Suna East MP Mohammed Junet (ODM).

Mr Junet has been on record demanding that Mr Francis Nyenze
and Mr Moses Wetangula do resign as minority leaders for both the national assembly and the
senate respectively.

Mr Junet stated-and I agree with
him-that the opposition has failed.

That is a candid and frank admission by Junet and more reason CORD
needs to embrace generational change to let go of tired leaders like Prof Nyongo and usher in honest
leaders like Hon Junet Mohammed.

The opposition keeps blaming Jubilee for having a majority in parliament.

This is a little bit unfair.

There is nothing we can do to reduce the numbers.

Even if we were to be sufficiently magnanimous,there is no
constitutional mechanism for donating some members to the opposition.

There is something the opposition can do however.

They can organise their agenda around real and quality issues that will draw bipartisan support.

Their cause will not be helped much when they continue to talk about the last election from breakfast to lunch
time and the next election from lunchtime to dinner.

Further, I stand by my earlier position that the current wave of insecurity in the country finds its
root in the period that ODM was in charge of the immigration ministry from 2008 to 2012.

What Jubilee government is doing is cleaning that mess.

A forensic audit would reveal shocking details oftreasonable proportions

Moses Kuria

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