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PHOTO;Mr Fikile Mbalula, the South African minister for sports and recreation

Kenya News; Kenyans should leave Mr Fikile Mbalula, the South African minister for sports and recreation, well alone.

We really shouldn’t care very much for the opinions of people we have no respect for.

While you were out beating him on Twitter, I Googled the 43-year-old minister who controversially claimed that Kenya sends teams to the Olympics to “drown in the pool”.

(I can find no record of that).

Dear Lord, what an interesting fellow we have here!

He is another” former Malema” (President of the ANC Youth League) and appears to walk into a lot of situations with an open, free-glowing mouth and, like another senior politician from his country, an equally yawning fly.

Three years ago, the South African press gleefully reported that he had apologised to his wife and the nation for what the papers described as “bedding a Johannesburg model Joyce Molamu”.

Apparently, and I can’t quite work out how the papers established this, Mr Mbalula, like another influential politician, had unprotected sex on “at
least two occasions” with Ms Molamu and there were claims she was in the family way.

Mr Mbalula’s lawyers described her as an extortionist.

I must admit that he is a very politically minded person, and has a long, boring CV on his involvement with the youth leagues of this and it is claimed that he was instrumental in getting both Mbeki and Zuma elected to the leadership of the ANC.

From the news stories I have
read, he is given to outbursts, which many might characterise as racist, and perhaps xenophobic.

I think we should forgive Mr Mbalula and encourage him to travel in Africa to see that there are many interesting things outside his township.

And we do go to the Olympics, not to drown, but to win more athletics medals than his country’s synchronised swimmers and sexless wonders.

Besides, I have always felt that the bulk of the maggot South African political class (and its
tenderpreneur brothers in the government-funded segment of the private sector) is to be pitied: it is
engaged in the raucous and unproductive feeding off the GDP created by the white man.

Its true mettle will be seen in 50 years.

It is a paradox of nature that a land of great people – Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu – can also produce silly buffoons.

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