The story about stolen elections is back with us again,thanks to Jicho Pevu.

And the best way to steal an election is register all your cats,dogs,donkeys and what-have-you!

Did I hear you mention Tyrrany of Numbers?

You could be right again,how the hell would I know?

Make sure they come out on election day to vote too,otherwise,SKYPE voting is still not allowed.

But democracy is a very elusive Ideal that can be distorted to mean several things that are comfortable to the deluded minds.

Here’s the sad news and the rules of the game.

Democracy is hard if you want to do it properly.

Voting is messy and imperfect – a smart guy called Kenneth Arrow proved it.

History moves around and
around in circles and there’s too many bastards in every generation who use public office for personal

Then there are the bastards who buy and sell the first bunch of bastards by the pound.

You have to keep vigilant and keep a packed lunch on you at all times if you want to benefit from this
democracy of ours.

As Heavy D might have said, had
he been a politician, ‘Now that we found democracy,what are we gonna do with it?’

What can we do with it?

We can extend the audience
participation segment of democracy beyond just voting.

We can keep agitating for those important things we wanted from democracy before the elections rolled up, things like more transparency in party finances and better public education.

We can play a part in developing a culture of civic education.

Before we beg the 18-year-olds of the day at election time to vote, we should spend time teaching them about how government works, what
democracy is and how a democratic state can improve lives.

A proper civic education should show democracy’s potential for fairness and justice.

We should mention the names of Isaak Hassan and Willy Mutunga along with the architects of our constitution for two important

Firstly, to show that democracy is ordinary people, standing in front of a government, asking it to enforce their rights.

Anyone can do it, like voting.

Unlike voting, you can do it whenever you want.

Secondly, to emphasise that beautiful laws are not democracy by themselves.

Democracy is a full-time job.

The Majimbo clarion call was a fairly
handsome beast a decade ago but it’s just had a bit
of a facelift and this is not its first one.

It now goes by the name County government.

Its new amendments are a legal attempt to close loopholes
and to enforce minimum standards for top civil servants in former municipalities.

The new Act hasn’t prevented maladministration or underperformance in municipalities,sorry-i mean counties across the country.

The latest amendments will not work without the political will to enforce accountability.

That’s the hard bit.

It’s the nerve system that lies beneath the subcutaneous layer of democracy, and most reformist scalpels don’t cut that deep.

So, where were we? Oh, yes, democracy. Tricky thing,
constant uphill and mostly not much fun.

Why bother? You don’t *have* to do more than vote.

You don’t even have to vote.

You can do other things,like tending your coffee or tea bushes,or taking out your boat to the lake for fishing or you can do nothing.

Because democracy is an abstract in most people’s minds.

So go and register for your I’d to vote in 2017.

Or stay at home and watch your favourite candidate lose.

Elections are democracy’s big party.

Just remember that after the
party comes a hangover. Jicho Peve clearly brings to light the agony of such hangovers.

After the hangover comes a
clean-up operation and most of the politicians won’t help you with that.

You will have to de-tox your mind of all lies and false promises your favourite politician made to you.

You don’t have to do anything
before, during, or after the elections if you don’t want to, but remember that you were warned about the

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