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Sunday,May 11th,2014 will be my hero’s daym

The true essence of my life has always revolved around music and its beauty.

We don’t always know why destiny brings us to the paths we take, or the people it propels into our lives.

I never formally met Bob Marley.

But from the fateful moment of my first musical encounter,I knew Bob was, and is, an integral part of my life and my identity as an African.

Yes, that’s right. Bob spoke to me…literally through his music.

For that, I consider myself one of the privileged few to have lived during his time on earth.

I loved his music.

I still do.

I loved his image.

I loved what he stood for.

As a child growing up in the 70s Africa(and Kenya borders Ethiopia,considered to the cradle of Rastafari Movement), Bob was, and still is, a legend.

He is, and will forever…

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