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PHOtO:A caricature of Barrack Obama in Kenyan Comedy Show,XYZ

Jacob Zuma zoomed all his best guns on a hapless artist who caricatured the famous “Spear of Nation”.

XYZ comedy programme regularly caricatures our leaders in a comical way.

I have seen President Uhuru being caricatured in a very comical way that would make me flinch as a private citizen if the programme ever depicted me as such.

But on his speech during the World Press Freedom day,he assured Kenyans that he regularly watches the comedy,and enjoys it too. Kudos!

Not to belabour the point that North Korea is constantly surprising us with its ability to deliver deliciously colourful insanity on very many areas of their activity as a Nation, their such overachievement in respecting its leader must be “respected”.

A recent news titbit had some North Korean diplomats pay a visit to a London barber to voice their displeasure because he had used a poster making fun of Kim Jong Un’s haircut style to lure in

In other words, the inability of a leader or a government to take a joke is probably far more threatening to the democracy,stability and freedom of expression of a
country than an independent media could hope to be.

Throughout history the role of the fool, the jester, the griot, the messenger, the theatre troupe, the stand- up comedian has been held sacred for a reason.

Without them, people who are suffering from too much power and overwhelming success are prone to
taking themselves too seriously.

If left alone, they can then decline steadily into monster territory.

This makes it our civic duty to tease our leaders as frequently, as intelligently and as constructively as
they need it for our continued mutual benefit.

The good news is that professionals are already working on it, there is a good-quality if underappreciated vein of excellent comedic talent
running through our broadcast and online media.

But it is a fledgling industry and it needs our support.

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