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Women are mysterious beings-i mean,some of the women are,that is.

What this means is not that I understand women more than the next guy, but that I have honed the skill of my observations about women.

I think I can be quite objective about women,’cause,well,I’m not very much attached to women by disposition,except when I’m observing them from a safe distance.

And I also know that writing about women is not quite like writing about men.

Women are indeed more ardent
readers, and perhaps more faithful readers, but also women read with more diligence, they read with
more purpose and thirst for intricate interpretation of the subject under discussion.

Women pick nuances and they have the most uncanny recall power.

They tend to read with a fine tooth comb.

They are into minutiae.

And they read between the lines.

Women are excellent with feedback; they write back to say they…

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