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By Peter Anyang’ Nyong’

When the Jubilee Coalition took over power it promised Kenyans many things it has not fulfilled one year after being in office.

Lap tops for school children: nothing.
Digitalized government: nothing.

Free maternity care for expecting mothers: grossly under funded.

A place to feel at home in Kenya: we
now live under perpetual insecurity.

A unified and prosperous nation: divisive politics and the politics
of exclusion continue to divide our people with Jubilee leaders as the chief architects of this ” divide
and rule politics.”

What is even more worrying is that Kenya is becoming more and more isolated from the international community of nations.

Our development partners have been humiliated by a stance in international relations laced with
arrogance and nationalistic jingoism which brings with it self inflicted wounds and missed opportunities in development corporation in Kenya’s
global interests.

Sooner rather than later this
politics of isolation will begin hurting our people directly particularly in the social sectors: health,education and water provision.

Development partners who have worked with us in these sectors
are pulling out due to lack of positive engagement by the Jubilee leaders.

ODM believes in constructive
engagement with all our development partners rather than the isolationist diplomacy of Jubilee.

It is in the face of this rapid decline in effective leadership that we decided to delve deep into the
“lies that Jubilee has been telling Kenyans” about pursuing their manifesto so that Kenyans can wake
up to the serious situation we are facing with the current regime.

As a watchdog government in
waiting our responsibility is to analyze, criticize, enlighten, expose, shade light and show the way to
a better and “CORDED” Kenya.

Having ascended to power through a controversial Supreme Court decision, and knowing full well that
the IEBC did a hopeless job in managing the last elections, Jubilee should have moved first to address
radical reforms in the elections body.
It has not.

Instead it is now engaged in manoeuvres to engage
the discredited personnel in that elections body for the further rigging of future elections.

Just more problems for our nation.

Our coalition has called for
a radical transformation of the IEBC and a truly independent body to manage the next elections.

The projects that Jubilee keeps on touting as their successes are actually Vision 2030 projects that
they have inherited from both the NARC and the Grand Coalition government.

These are long term infrastructure projects whose fruition are rightly
being realized now.

The problem is that, due to greed and kickbacks, Jubilee has now loaded these projects with debt burdens that will weigh heavily
and unfairly on future generations.

We see this in the SGR project as well as the energy sector where
kickbacks infirm board room wars.

What is worse is Jubilee’s killing of the national institutions set up by NARC to steer Vision 2030.

These are the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) and the Secretariat for Vision 2030.

No doubt the politics of “opaqueness” requires that such institutions die.

More worrying to us is the creeping authoritarianism coming back to the center stage if Kenyan politics at
a time when we should be expanding democratic governance and strengthening devolution.

In implementing Article 17 of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru
should have presented to the Senate Committee on Devolution a government sessional Paper on the
restructuring of the Provincial Administration “to accord with devolution” and not to impose new
structures of the old system by fiat from above.

Such a paper would then have been debated in Parliament.

This has not happened and an
unnecessary crisis has now been manufactured by Jubilee.

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