Reading about all that is going on in Embu county,one cannot help but feel that it has turned into a theatre of absurd as far as devolution politics is concerned,a sort of experimenting ground on how real devolution politics will eventually work out in the rest of counties.

Initially,this theatre of absurd had placed its circus outfit in Kiambu County with its tax laws that demanded taxes from the dead,cats,chicken and whatnot.

But the tag has now stuck in Embu County.

Add the tragedy of fatalities from the illicit brew that claimed 43 of its resident’s lifes into this mix and you start feeling that misery loves company.

Wait! What about the mysterious kidnapping of its county speaker who was found walking aimlessly on Limuru road,incoherent and chilled to the bone?

And double impeachment of its current governor in as many months?

There seems to be something mysterious and weird just bobbing below the surface in Embu County.

The impeachment of Governor Martin Wambora has revived rivalry between Embu County’s two predominant peoples.

Mr Wambora is the only Muembu in top political office in the county.

He has since been temporarily
reinstated by the High Court.

With the impeachment, the Aembu feel left out in the county’s leadership.

However, his fate lies with
the court after he challenged his removal.

Senator Lenny Kivuti, one of the most senior politicians in the county, is from Mbeere, so is National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi.

Gachoka MP Mutava Musyimi is also from Mbeere, but of Kamba descent.

Embu County Woman Representative Rose Rwamba Mitaru, County Assembly Speaker Kariuki Mate and Majority Leader Andrew Musakwa are

Should Mr Wambora lose the battle to retain his job, his deputy, Ms Dorothy Nditi, a Mumbeere, will automatically become his successor.

If that happens, the Aembu are likely to feel they will be playing second fiddle in the county’s politics, to the Ambeere, who are the minority.

Mr Wambora was elected on a TNA ticket and blames Mr Kivuti, Mr Muturi and Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire for his removal.

He accuses them of abandoning him in his hour of need.

He expected them to reconcile him with the County Members of Assembly, who impeached him twice
or to seek President Kenyatta’s intervention.

Mr Kivuti, the Alliance Party of Kenya deputy leader, says the governor should neither blame him nor his party.

He said Mr Wambora approached him, when he was first impeached, and requested him to ask APK’s
ward representatives to support him.

He declined the request. “I would have expected Wambora to convince the MCAs himself even from his TNA party to support him,” Mr Kivuti told the Saturday Nation.

He said Mr Wambora’s party TNA has majority members in the County Assembly and had 11 MCAs on his side and wondered why he could not
sway at least one more to block the first impeachment motion.

However, Mr Wambora’s political adviser, Mr Joshua Kanake, says there has been a deep-seated grudge
between the governor and Mr Kivuti after he (Wambora) moved from APK to TNA.

Mr Kanake says Mr Wambora was only allowed to float one name out of the 13 nominated MCAs and claims the nominations were skewed to favour the Ambeere.

As such the governor could not control the County Assembly.

These differences mimic the Embu-Mbeere rivalry during the Kanu regime, when the Aembu supported the Democratic Party (DP) while the
Ambeere stuck with Kanu.

DP always clinched both Manyatta and Runyenjes parliamentary seats, but Siakago and Gachoka remained Kanu damu.

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