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By Ahmednasir Abdullahi

Some Members of Parliament, especially those allied to the United Republican Party (URP), have
the habits and ethics of alley cats.

They also hound and hunt like hungry hyenas.

They bark loud like wild dogs.

They have an insatiable appetite for money.

Their greed is astonishing.

Their moral compass is defined by the content of their bellies at a given moment.

They slash and burn.

Nothing will stop them until they break up the government, even though they have no idea
what follows such a break-up.

They came for the Judicial Service Commission and the Judiciary just because a lady from their region
was sacked.

They started a tribally-inspired and
illegal inquiry to save.

They then swiftly convicted
all in sight.

Kenyans cheered them instead of
condemning them.

Eventually the High Court soundly put them in their rightful place.

But they had tasted blood!

They then came after Charity Ngilu, the Minister for Lands, simply because they wanted to sanitise fake and fraudulently acquired title deeds issued more than a decade ago.

They saw her as a threat and a
force that must be neutralised.

They tried to decapitate her politically.

They maligned her for selfish, temporal goals.

They unsuccessfully tried to impeach her.

Then they went for Labour Minister Kazungu Kambi.

His crime? He transferred the Registrar of Trade Unions to a better job.

But because the Registrar is
from the Rift Valley, a motion to impeach the minister was quickly filed in Parliament.

Now Kambi spends a lot of his time, energy and resources fighting the bid to impeach him.

Now they are after the blood of Anne Waiguru, the Minister for Devolution.
Her crime? She promoted
and then transferred the former head of the National Youth Service, who also comes from the Rift Valley.

Signatures were quickly collected.

False and scandalous charges were framed and Waiguru is fighting for her job.

Surely, when will the political thuggery of URP and its surrogates ever stop?

Who will save the country from the endless blackmail of this party?

Waiguru, by all accounts, is doing an excellent job in her docket.

She is both diligent and hardworking.

She is forceful and is a go-getter.

She is focused and visionary.

I have never met her in person and I
am not holding her brief.

But, as Kenyans, we must stand up to bullies who are picking on a carefully pre-selected group of individuals and are intent on
destroying them one by one.

Waiguiru holds a very powerful docket.

That docket is also the epicentre of many institutional reforms initiated by the Jubilee administration.

She has put in place processes and procedures that have shut out powerful rent seekers.

Her docket has huge contracts and tenders worth billions of shillings.

Her ministry’s budget is very enticing to wheeler-dealers.

She has many enemies who are simply unhappy that they don’t have their hands in the till.

When such a person is attacked for the good work she is doing for Kenyans, it is criminal to keep

It is our civic duty to fight off those who want to destroy her.

In the last two weeks, some MPs have undertaken a well-choreographed and politically orchestrated campaign against Waiguru.

I don’t blame the likes of Linturi
who are pushing the papers in this insidious campaign.

Most are merely habitual rent-seekers only too willing to undertake such a shameless political enterprise for the right pay.

Those we should flush out, name and shame are the masters who are pulling the strings behind the

The Judiciary, Kambi, Ngilu and Waiguru are being fought by the same force.

This force seeks to intimidate Kenyans by showing that it can pick its victims at will and destroy as and when it desires.

It also targets victims it thinks
are forceful, reformists and pose real threat to both its political designs and corrupt intentions.

This force is hell-bent on having its way.

This force can only be stopped by the collective will and actions of

Let us fight and stop this dark force.

We owe it to ourselves and our country.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi is the publisher, Nairobi Law Monthly

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®