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While patrons were discussing and planning a friend’s wedding at Kahawa Tungu Cafe, the discussion
degenerated into idle chatter.

Just as I was busy serving them coffee, they began debating the
meaning and significance of the hole in the middle of a doughnut.

“The hole is there for you to put your finger in the middle as you delicately nibble the edges with your teeth,” one of them said.

“That is a barefaced lie,” countered another patron,before taking a sip from his cup.

“The hole is put there for the one eating it to use for viewing whatever could be happening around, lest
he/she is ambushed by someone with a sinister motive,” another man claimed.

However, the philosophic discourse was interrupted by the arrival of a bevy of skimpily dressed ladies,
who were passing by.

All of them young, and very pretty, save for the fact that they are self-confessed hookers in the city of Mombasa.

The sisters looked disturbed and they took a corner and ordered something to warm their bare bellies.

Someone suggested that the ladies reveal the secret behind the mysterious doughnut hole, and we all waited patiently for their answer.

Quite naughty

“Hey, you men can get quite naughty.” One of the ladies declared.

“We are having problems of our
own, and doughnuts are the least favourite topic on our minds right now,” she said.

Apparently, the girls were unable to operate in the streets of Mombasa owing to the heavy police presence as a result of the recent terror alerts and the obtaining lack of foreign high paying sex tourists.

“We get arrested at every turn and our clients too. We have been forced to relocate,” one of them said.

“It is a divine sign that you take time off your busy jobs,” suggested one regular patron of Kahawa
Tungu Cafe.

The girls agreed and soon the atmosphere of Kahawa Tungu Cafe was filled with friendly banter as the
male patrons entertained the girls by buying them coffee.

Hell, however, broke loose when the area administrative chief and
his local police raided the joint,claiming he had been
tipped that Kahawa Tungu Cafe had become a brothel.

It was unfortunate that some of my badly behaved customers were actually caught sitting inappropriately, with the girls who were giggling coquettishly like dumb teenagers.

“There is no way am going to allow this vice in my area,” declared the chief, as his local police attempted
to hand-cuff my wrists.

Pre-wedding plan

“Chief, this is my fiancé and we were going through the pre-wedding plans, together with my close friends. We are not breaking the law. Are we? ” a patron asked.

Bwana chief had to admit that though planning a wedding at a Kahawa Tungu joint was highly rare, it was indeed in accordance with the law.

Luckily for us, the groom’s real wife showed at the door, right at that moment.

She was taken aback when she found her husband seated very close to a known twilight girl.

Of course, she screamed blue murder.

The man bolted out of the door like a bat out of hell with his wife hot on his heels.

The rest of us were busted and the chief arrested me, my clients and the remaining twilight girls.

Spending a night in that doughnut hole of a cell (jail) in this
cold, never again will I allow doughnut discussions
and bad behaviour in my establishment.

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