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Zimbabwe State media Wednesday claimed opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had been hospitalised owing to a “mental and nervous

The reports dismissed as false by the former Prime Minister came a few days after Mr Tsvangirai wrote
on Facebook that a minor illness had forced him to miss a Sunday rally organised by his party in

It was the second rally he had missed in as many weeks in the capital and the government media
had speculated that he was seriously ill.

The Herald newspaper said initial reports had been hospitalised due to food poisoning.

It then quoted an unnamed source saying: “Indications are that he has had a mental and maybe a nervous breakdown.”

The report claimed the breakdown was caused by Mr Tsvangirai’s marital and political problems.

However, his spokesperson insisted that he was recuperating at home following the doctor’s instructions.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was last year deserted by his wife of less than two

Mr Tsvangirai has also been told to step down by his lieutenants who say he has failed to topple
President Robert Mugabe from power, even though he remains very popular.

Irinically,last week the focus was on the 90 year-old president’s health woes after a British television station Channel 4 uploaded a short video of him entering a cancer hospital in Singapore.

Mr Tsvangirai has been at the helm of the main Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) since its
formation in 1999.

The party split in 2005 after he refused to endorse a decision to participate in senate elections.

MDC is on the verge of another split after secretary general and former Finance minister Tendai Biti
announced last month that he had suspended Mr Tsvangirai on charges of corruption and promoting

Mr Tsvangirai’s loyalists hit back by firing Mr Biti and 11 other MPs from the party.

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