I cringe when I think of those fantasies of advancement that were openly indulged in the early
days of 1990’s when the western countries harped on the new democracy for Africa and lectured us on good governance.

I am relieved that we are making progress towards a point where intellect of an African,more so politician, will be determined by the content of one’s speech, and not the accent in which it is delivered.

But the traces of a mentality that views distance from ‘blackness’ as
a marker of accomplishment, remain.

Hence the need, sometimes, to call out black people who equate success with self-negation.

Those who call on UN to come and manage our country affairs represent this criteria of self-negating Africans,dinosaurs from the colonial era in Africa.

Writers often talk about the importance of finding one’s voice as a precondition to producing a
compelling body of work.

This is the only way to make a unique contribution, beyond a mere
reconfiguration of established racial and political perspectives.

This is just as important in the boardroom, the political backroom and in the marketplace.

The end-point of black empowerment should be self-actualisation, not

Criticisms of black people whose notions of the good life are infused with an inferiority complex are valid.

But more often than not, critics of non-conformist or outspoken black individuals pretend to be driven by
a desire to encourage authenticity, whereas they simply seek to silence those they disagree with or
feel threatened by them.

Western nations still want to prop up puppets in the name of democracy in most African countries,my nation,Kenya included so that they can dictate their political and business agenda through this puppet bootlickers who have no substance on their own.

Arab spring was one such experimentation and the situation in the victim countries is no better than it was before they were plunged into upheavals in the name of good governance and newfound democracy.

We have a looming situation in Kenya where people,a section of them,keep calling for enactment of arab spring in the country to aide their puppet leaders in ascending to leadership by all means possible.

It is easy to understand their frustration;their masters are impatient after trying prop them up by civil means to no avail.

Oil is going to start flowing soon in our country.

They can’t wait to dip their fingers in this jar of our mineral wealth by all means,even if it means that the blood of poor Africans will also flow to aid their evil designs.

They have a ‘Messiah’ who will make the blood flow before the oil flows.

Its their do or die.

God help Kenya!

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