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The Kenya Revenue Authority Thursday admitted that it auctioned methanol that killed over 90 people but maintained that the sale was legal.

The tax collectors said the law does not restrict the purchase of methanol to any category or group of people.

The methanol is said to have been used to mix drinks that killed more than 80 people early this month in Meru, Kitui and Makueni counties.

In a press statement to newsrooms, KRA commissioner general John Njiraini said that the methanol in question was auctioned in April after
lying at the Kilindini port for close to two years.

“The auction was carried out in accordance with the procedures prescribed under customs laws,” said Mr Njiraini.

The commissioner general said that methanol is regularly imported by reputable companies with data showing that 4,300 tonnes of methanol were Imported last year.

However, Mr Njiraini said that KRA is working with relevant arms of government to establish the
whereabouts of the buyer and how the product was used.

Methanol is a chemical substance used for industrial purposes including as a solvent in plastic, polymers, paints and dyestuff.

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