By Gabriel Dolan

This script was prepared as the welcome home rally for Raila Odinga was banned, then permitted and
just to prevent any further changes, we will have a last-minute court ruling on the matter.

Inspector General David Kimaiyo’s blunders are only matched by his indecisiveness and whatever
the intention, this confusion must surely destroy the morale of his officers and cast further doubts
over his suitability to lead the police service.

That aside, the end result will be a massive attendance at today’s thanksgiving, welcome home
rally or public meeting — whatever it will be labelled.

Political gatherings are the only free entertainment left for the poor. The middle class will follow the event on twitter or in the clubs while the nation’s owners will spend the afternoon on the golf clubs.

The Sunday press will lazily devote half of the copy to the event.

Forgive the cynicism but what is the value of expending energy and spending tonnes of cash for an event that is all about hype and very little

You will hear calls for the disbandment of the IEBC but nothing on ODM’s disastrous failure to hold
party elections.

There will be major demands for the AG Githu Muigai to be removed while conveniently avoiding the role his predecessor Amos Wako plus a host of other Cord figures played in the Anglo Leasing pillage.

These rallies may be entertainment but where is the fun in watching a bunch of aging politicians dancing across the podium?


Jubilee are just as fond of these popularity rituals, and you can expect that they will have a mammoth rally next weekend to counter the Cord one of today.

It is all so childish, petty, divisive, dangerous and a distraction from the real issues that concern the nation.

For one year, politicians had ‘welcome home’ celebrations.

Those that delayed are rebranding theirs as ‘thanksgiving’ now that they have paid the debts accrued from the campaigns, and got access to CDF and other public funds.

We are obsessed with rallies, and the prayer ones are just as disgusting, ritualistic and escapist as
the political ones.

We had nationwide rallies to protect the President and his deputy from the ICC.

Due to their ‘success’ some eager pastors are now suggesting that we hold nationwide prayer sessions to save us from drought and Al Shabaab but no single mention of greed, corruption or ethnicity.

On Thursday, there was a national prayer breakfast by the rich, for the rich praying for the nation whose problems have mostly been caused by those around the breakfast table.

Perhaps we need an agreed one year moratorium on political and religious rallies.

Can you imagine a year when religions turn off those horrific loud speakers, cancel every kesha
and politicians go to Parliament and assemblies?

We need to seriously reflect quietly and prayerfully on the nation that has such potential but faces major perils.

We have had too many ugly, hateful

We need to start working, diligently and quietly

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