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My 30-year-old ex-girlfriend (we are now on ‘strictly friends only’ terms!) has been dating this guy for a while.

She always suspected the guy was
younger… but has been reluctant to ask about his age even after I pushed her to do it so they both
know what they are dealing with.

Initially,she thought I was just jealous of her new-found love.

But she relaxed a bit when I convinced her not to break the relationship because of age; after
all, it is just a number.

So she stayed, but never asked about the guy’s age.

The guy is just one stubborn man!

Mood swings here and there!

So yesterday, we were the three of us(I just happened to meet them shopping in a super market in my neighbourhood,if you are still wondering!) and they got into an argument.

We were by the road side and so it
was a bit embarrassing.

I asked them to please get
home first and sort it out.

I offered to escort them.

My friend agreed but her man refused saying he was not ready to talk it out.

I stepped aside for a while to give them time to come to an agreement so that we could all walk to my ex’s home in peace.

As I stood and watched from a distance, I saw the guy suddenly
run very fast away from my ex and she followed suit.

It was a bit late and so I decided to take off after them as well.

I thought that maybe they had
spotted danger!

The guy does not live far from his parents’ and he appeared to be running towards their home.

I did not want to look behind to see what we were running away from.

The street was a bit deserted
and I did not want to come face to face with whatever it was we were running away from.

All this time, none of us made any sound,except controlled and stiffled panting.

He was not screaming, neither was my ex and so I had no reason to attract the perceived attackers’ attention by doing it.

I am smaller in size than both of them(maybe that’s why my ex dumped me!), so I used the advantage to run even faster past them and only stopped after entering his parent’s compound.

Then I started peeping to see who clinched the silver medal after I secured the gold between my ex and her boyfriend,my worthy competitor.

I did not wait for long before my ex walked in the compound.

I asked her how she managed to
overtake her man and what they were running away from.

She told me her man had just disappeared and that they were not running away from anything! Poooh!

She had insisted that they talk out things and the guy just took off in the middle of their conversation.

She followed him hoping to convince him to talk……….and I blindly followed suit!

The man’s mom came and warmly ushered us in since she knows my ex.

Then my ex started:

Ex: Samburu ameingia hapa?(Has Samburu come in here?)

Guy’s Mum: Hapana. Kwanini?(Not yet,why?)

Ex: Tulikuwa tunaongea tu na yeye halafu
akaanza mbio akikuja huku, but akanipotelea hapo
nje.(We we dicsussing something then he sneaked and run in here,I lost him hereabouts).
Mum: (laughing) Tangu results zitoke amekuwa
kichwa ngumu sana! Sijui anataka nini? Hata kwake
siku hizi halali.(I don’t know what came about him since exam results were announced. He even doesn’t sleep in his room nowadays!)

I winked knowingly to my ex.

Ex and I: Results??

Mum: Eeeeeeeee, si results za this year.
Hajawaambia alipata nini?(Sure,this year’s KCSE results. Has he not told you what he scored?)

Ex: Unasema results gani mummy?
(Which results,Mum)

Mum: KCSE.

Ex: How old is Samburu?

Mum: He just turned 19!

Ex:Awooooooooo, awuooooooo-my goodness!

As hastily looked away from my ex in humiliation,I was not very sure that this hapless teenage-boy-of-a-man was not hiding behind her mother’s skirt.

I walked my ex to her door.

None of us said a word as left her to ponder her misadventure.

So,all you mothers of teens out there! Stop feeding them quails! You make them look like my ex’s potential husband!

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®