” Such is the unforgiving nature of Kenyan politics dominated by patronage and allegiances”.

Any one who contested any civic seat either in Nyanza or former Central province outside ODM and TNA should have a very sound advice to the now embattled Nairobi Governor,Evans Kidero;you count for nothing,if you are going to go against the party of choice in these regions,no matter how else you base your campaigns!

Kidero seems to be learning a bit late about the politics of “cult” and party allegiances.

His showdown on Saturday with well rehearsed hecklers may be an invisible hand from ODM that is lashing him for the sins of his impudence to Raila.

If he loses his case at the supreme court,the ODM nominations secretariat will now have the reason to say-lets look for a popular candidate for the by-election who is not likely to be hecked during his campaigns”.

Raphael Tuju had it even worse when he decided to dorn a protective helmet for his tour in luo nyanza,not so long ago!

Let’s look at how this charade played out for Kidero on Saturday and how diplomat Kalonzo sketched it.

After several pleas from CORD leaders to have the crowd calm down and give the Nairobi governor a few seconds of silence to placate his constituents, Dr Kidero managed to sneak in two incomplete sentences in a crowd that was to say the least,
harsh towards him.

No words from the diplomat Kalonzo Musyoka or the battle-hardened Moses Wetang’ula could sway the will of the people.

After his chance in the limelight wasted away in the din of hecklers and some mutterings from ODM MPs from within the VIP dias, all the smiling Kidero could say was: “Mimi nataka kusema karibu Nairobi. Karibu hapa.”

After which he was left standing next to other contrastingly engaging leaders.

His open opposition to what is thought to be the party stance and in particular his perceived objection to Raila has left the Nairobi governor between a rock and a hard place.

The constant boos and chant downs he received pointed to an open hostility to his term from a section of residents that one year ago put him in office.

Such is the unforgiving nature of Kenyan politics dominated by patronage and allegiances.

He could only watch from the sidelines as others such as Mombasa’s Hassan Joho,Kakamega’s Bonny Khalwale and Budalang’i’s Ababu Namwamba were cheered on by the party faithful.

Had the rally been better organised with a more mature and orderly list of speakers, his embarrassment would most probably have been

Responding to the hostile reception at Uhuru Park, Kidero complained that he was being condemned
because he accommodates the Government of the day.

“I am working with Uhuru Kenyatta because it is mandated in law and the constitution that I do so,”said Kidero.

He told his detractors that not working with the government when it sits in Nairobi will be like not
working with the United Nations when UNEP has its headquarters in the city.

Kidero can be assured that his working with the government of the day and hosting UNEP Hqs within his county will not earn him any votes from Kibra and other densely populated areas that form CORD strongholds within Nairobi County.

It is not enough to be a good manager and a proffesional in our cult politics;one all two vitendawilis go along way in smoothening the way to winning an election!

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®