Chateau Heartiste

A new website,, is a gold mine of confirmation for the validity of game concepts. Girls post screenshots of their text conversations with men they like (or in some cases, don’t like) and ask the studio audience what it all means. The readers then vote on whether the guy in the text messaging conversation is into her, not into her, or the verdict is still out.

Ever wonder what kinds of guys make girls go crazy with anxiety, desire and romantic hopefulness? Wonder no more. It’s those “bring the movies” aloof assholes. A perusal of the Hetexted website, and its overwhelming majority of text convos that feature laconic men and needy women, pretty quickly proves the old maxim that chicks dig inscrutable jerks, or at least chicks dig guys who don’t fail the Jumbotron test. The hilarity of girls falling over themselves trying to ascertain…

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