Across the political divide,there are politicians who are associated with loose talk in their day to day politics.
Kenyans have learnt not to take them seriously.

Some even offer a form of entertainment in the serious and sometimes boring business that is politics.

When otieno kajwang’ takes the podium to sing his now famous ‘mapambano’ anthem,it is plain entertainment to Kenyans. His demeanour and body language says it all;it is all in jest!

Nobody would be seriously rattled if kabado wa kabado says something outrageous;it is his modus operandi.

When Orengo talks of ‘Saba Saba’ ultimatum that his ilk with the late Martin shikuku are associated with,Kenyans expect just as much from him;it is his modus operandi.

When Adan Duale says that CORD is a bunch of perennial losers,temperatures don’t rise with Kenyan masses;they just disdain his arrogance. It is expected.

When Bonny Khalwale is into one of his many mischiefs,including taunting real cows into a bullfight,nobody misses a heart beat;what else would you expect of him?

I won’t even bother to mention Muthama. The least that is said of him,the better.

But Kenyans get really concerned when the urbane and suave diplomatic Kalonzo says something that raises the temperatures into stratosphere.

Most people,including his close friends should be surprised;it is not normal for him.

But of late,it is becoming his new ‘normal’.

In almost every public appearance of CORD’s now many activities that aim to keep the Jubillee government on its toes and ensure that it delivers the promises contained in its manifesto,CORD has had to clean up after inopportune gaffes made by the new-look Kalonzo who is now shooting from his wrong side of the mouth.

Almost immediately after these gaffes,CORD is now sending hurriedly drawn statements to the newsrooms to amend the unintended insinuations caused by his gaffes.

His latest gaffe about ‘all inclusive government’ was taken up by the Jubilee side to obfuscate the real issues raised during the CORD’s Saturday rally for Raila’s homecoming.

This comes close on heels of his tribal remark that dismissed a journalist’s question based on his tribe of origin.

He has also earned some distastful nick names obtaining from his flip-flop brand of indecisive stance on various national issues and his ‘kupita katikati’ famous remark during the infamous botched general elections of 2007.

The President took time off his serious Madaraka day speech to deride CORD about the nil chances of ‘Nusu mkate’ government within his five year term.

But his tone was urbane and magnanimous when he welcomed CORD to the table for a conference meant to address issues that form the challenges confronting our nation.

People used to take Kalonzo seriously during his days as an international diplomat sought to mediate peace in different regions,both in Africa and abroad;what changed?

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