The drum beat of Raila’s return had a frenzy that seems to have fizzled out as soon as he touched the Kenyan soil.

Weeks prior to his return,his lieutenants and Co-principals in CORD coalition seem to have fired up frenzy and hope for something very dramatic that was supposed to happen during the Saturday’s CORD rally through a series of fiery rallies in and around Nairobi country.

These fiery speeches prior to his arrival could have given the CORD supporters a sense of foreboding destiny that was more fired up than the mundane short speeches that speakers gave during the uhuru park rally.

In a word,the crowds seemed disappointed that the mood at the rally was toned down to addressing the issues of just security,cost of living,corruption and lopsided job allocation in the state jobs.

There is a general feeling that the crowds expected a complete showdown with the jubilee government and not the calls for sober discussions with the government within the confines of state boardrooms.

The crowds were ready for a street fight,not discussions officiated by a few within the rank of cord coalition.

Somehow,Raila’s call for them to conduct themselves with decorum,which is a very sensible thing for him to do as a national leader,took the wind away from the sails of earlier cord rallies that seemed to be hell-bent on stirring up the crowds to some form of mischief.

The mood of anticipation for this homecoming rally was tense both from the jubilee side and Cord side.

It took Raila’s good sense to dissipate this tension by calling on his supporters to behave lawfully during the rally,even before he flew into the country;that’s statesmanship!

The police ban on the rally was totally uncalled for,though one cannot help empathasing with their scepticism of the rally’s good intentions given the utterances made in prior rallies by the likes of Kalonzo and Muthama who now seem to be trying to outshine Raila in his brand of confrontational politics.

The likes of Orengo and Khalwale had insinuated to the infamous ‘Saba Saba riots’ as their preferred
route of pushing the government into action to tackle the challenges facing the country.

As days go by,Raila is changing into a more sober statesman than the rest of his lieutenants.

It is this new sober approach to state affairs that should rattle the jubilee Coalition in its endeavours to win the 2017 election,than the inflammatory rallies held by Kalonzo,Muthama,Orengo,wetangula and Khalwale who seem not to have caught up with this new strategy by Raila that will definitely endear him to Kenyans than his previous confrontational style of politics.

While Raila is changing to a sober statesman,Kalonzo seems to be moving from a suave diplomat to a political bandit.

And once again,just like in his tribal gaffe at a press conference meant to repudiate the self administered score card by jubilee government,it is his now controversial ‘all inclusive government’ remark that is now being debated,other than other important points raised on Saturday’s cord rally!

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