RCV SURVIVOR I is a reconnaissance and command vehicle (RCV).

The 4×4 high mobility,lightweight modular armoured vehicle was
designed and developed by the Franz Achleitner Fahrzeugbau und Reifenzentrum.

The vehicle was primarily developed for use by military, police and paramilitary forces.

The RCV SURVIVOR I is intended to meet the mission critical requirements of the armed forces.

The vehicle offers high mobility on all terrains.

It provides better ride comfort for the troops and VIPs even in
uneven terrains and battlefields, with high safety and dependability.

The vehicle can be operated in all weather conditions, during day and night.

RCV SURVIVOR I variations and design aspects

The RCV SURVIVOR I is offered in various configurations to meet
the varying needs of the armed forces and VIPs.

The variants include
Communication, Reconnaissance, Border Patrol, Command and Ambulance vehicles.

The RCV SURVIVOR I features a monocoque cell with a highly protected crew cabin.

The vehicle is made of special armoured steel and composite
materials to provide maximum ballistic protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mine splinters and small arms.

The vehicle has a conventional layout housing engine in the front, crew cabin in the middle and
troop section at the rear.

The vehicle is offered either in three-door and five-door configurations.

The overall length of the vehicle is 5.4m, width is 2.6m and height is 2.2m.

The vehicle has a gross weight of 8t and can carry a maximum payload of

It is capable of carrying a maximum of seven personnel, including two crew members and five troop members.

Reconnaissance and command vehicle armaments and protection
RCV SURVIVOR I is delivered with a preliminary set-up for mounting a variety of weapon stations.

The vehicle is well protected against direct fire and artillery splinters.

It offers Level 2a/2b protection against mines and STANAG 4569 Level 2 ballistic protection.

It can withstand the impact from the explosion of a 50kg IED.

In addition, modular add-on armour can be fitted to the vehicle for increasing the protection level.

The fire suppression system fitted to the vehicle prevents any untoward incidents due to fire.

Communications of the RCV SURVIVOR I

The RCV SURVIVOR I comes with several communication and observation systems as a standard fitment to communicate seamlessly with base stations and other vehicles in the field.

The vehicle is installed with an intercom and radio for communication.

It is fitted with observation
equipment as well as an antenna for better transmission of signals.

Engine of the lightweight modular armoured vehicle

The power plant of the RCV SURVIVOR I vehicle includes a 191kW diesel engine coupled to the automatic transmission.

The engine can generate a maximum torque of 1,010Nm.


The RCV SURVIVOR I 4×4 is a permanent four wheel drive vehicle.

It is installed with differential locks on front, rear axle and transfer case for enhanced traction.

It is equipped with run flat system to negotiate the effects of deflation in the event of a puncture.

The vehicle can cruise at a maximum road speed of 110km/h for a range of 900km.

It can negotiate a gradient of 62% and side slopes of 32%.

It has the ability to ford at a water depth of 1.2m.

The vehicle can be transported to the desired location by surface, sea and air with the help of lashing points provided on it.

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