By Gitau Warigi

Cord has sensed two things it considers to be the soft underbelly of the Jubilee coalition.

One is the war on terrorism, or rather the way it is being conducted.
That’s why they have scheduled
rallies in Mombasa and Garissa.

They want to preach that the anti-terror campaign intentionally victimises Muslims.

The shootings of jihadist clerics in Mombasa will be given a lot of
play as well as the mass arrests of radical youths.

Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa will be roundly denounced.

The names and ethnicities of military commander Julius Karangi, Intelligence chief Michael Gichangi
and CID director Ndegwa Muhoro will be broadcast loudly and cast as the cause of the country’s security problems.

That will be Cord’s answer to the terrorism problem.

In Garissa, Cord will dwell on the police operation in Eastleigh and the security roundups.

Speakers will bemoan the Kasarani holding centre for refugees,which Somali leaders have hyped as a
“concentration camp”.

Kenya’s military intervention will be heavily criticised, in rhyme with the mood of Kenyan Somalis.

We got a preview of this on Thursday
when ‘Baba’ Raila Odinga visited Eastleigh.

I was a bit surprised that Eldoret was not on the initial itinerary of Cord rallies.

Most probably that will change.

Cord will seize on the TNA-URP rift and exploit it to the full.

That is where their demand for
“ethnic inclusivity” in government will come in.

Ethnicity is the second juicy theme Cord will dwell on.

Speakers will harp on how TNA is taking all the plum State jobs, to the disadvantage even of their URP partner.

The saga of Cabinet Secretary Anne
Waiguru and Mr Kiplimo Rugut will be made a big rally topic.

The pre-2007 strategy of forty-one-against-one will be reactivated, and none too subtly.

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame knows how to read that script.

One big problem with Cord’s anti-terrorism approach as it will be articulated in their rallies is
that it could backfire outside the Muslim-populated areas, especially if the grenade attacks by Al-
Shabaab or whomever continue.

Of course, Cord’s position will not revive tourism at the Coast.

Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi have suffered far more than any other counties in the drastic downturn in tourist visitors.

They all have Cord governors.

I doubt the “structured national dialogue” Cord is demanding on security and other issues will ever

Even without the Jubilee Parliamentary Group having ruled them out, one-to-one talks as
dreamt up by Cord between them and the Jubilee principals are a pipe dream.

Uhuru Kenyatta will simply prefer an informal tete- a-tete or nothing, and anything where the Cord threesome find themselves sharing a table with
Abduba Dida, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua (who will boycott), James ole Kiyiapi
and Paul Muite, all presidential candidates last year and who have their own unpublicised gripes against Jubilee.

Such a format is not what Cord wants.

They might get tea or they might not.

The late Martin Shikuku ate his ugali.
He knew his place and who was the benefactor.

These days it has become commonplace to talk of shared loaves.

Kalonzo Musyoka compares the
proposed “dialogue” to the South Sudan and Somalia talks which Kenya hosted when he was a
Kanu minister.

If I can remember, those countries
were embroiled in civil wars.

They still are.

Jubilee may be the ruling coalition, but it’s a very clumsy outfit.

Doesn’t it have a secretariat?

Its Parliamentary Group meetings are a mess.

They lack a structured (that word again!) agenda.

They are just a forum to ventilate, with no follow-up.

The meetings start with the tiresome business of prayers, then veer off to endless yapping by members.

MPs come with too many questions for the President, some of which he notes but many others he pretends to hear but doesn’t.

He should find a better way of communicating with his MPs than treating them to a masandukuni kind
of forum.

Many of the MPs come without any idea what they are there to do.

They blissfully take the tea and lunch as they angle for a photo-op with the President.

It’s a circus.

And it’s unprofessionally conducted.

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®

“The African Story as told by Africans”.©African News Digest®