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By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

There is scientific evidence that the molecular and biological techniques used in the production of GMOs has caused people to become allergic to
common foods.

Though the health effects on humans have not been fully established, research on rats has produced evidence of damage to intestines.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Kenya and its prevalence is on the increase.

At least 3,000 Kenyans are receiving medical treatment in India in cases related to cancer and kidney failure.

Those suffering in silence are equally many.

It is estimated that we get 39,000 new cases of cancer every year and a recorded death rate of 27,000 people every year.

Six out of 10 are aged below 70.

This is alarming.

The older generation of Kenyans have an aversion for non-traditional foods and GMOs.

They prefer our traditional cuisine,
something that could explain their longevity.

Foods that grow naturally do not have any levels of toxicants.

In urban areas, it is very common to find some of the most commonly used vegetables grown on sewer lines.

Other than the industrial pesticides,
sewages or sewage sludge also contain very high levels of metals, medical waste and industrial solvents.

Foodstuffs grown in these areas are potentially dangerous.

Consumers have no way of knowing the origin of what ends up on their tables and it is therefore necessary for the Government to activate and
enforce mechanisms that protect its citizens from harm.

The ban on the transportation of vegetables on open-back trucks put into effect last October by the
Ministry of Health should also be enforced.

Fruits and vegetables transported in these trucks are exposed to bacteria and heavy metal contamination from vehicular exhausts in our roads and highways.

The contamination from metal, dust, exhaust fumes and other elements in the environment should also be tamed.

We all have a moral obligation to protect our next generation from being exposed to foods that will negatively impact on their health.

Our legacy should encompass bequething to them healthy long lifespans for posterity.

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