Happy Fathers day-Sunday,15th June,2014

By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

In today’s world, men are often seen as the villain–and it is certainly the case,that men are often the
cause of great pain in the lives of their children.

When I visit my jailed friends in our various prisons(most people find it awkward to admit that some of our closest friends have ended up in prison for one reason or the other;it would be very immature of me to disown them just because they are in prison!), I find that most inmates had a poor, or no relationship with a father figure.

Abusive, passive or absent fathers are the cause of much societal destruction in our nation.

Which is all the more reason we must celebrate those men who are doing their best to be good fathers!

It’s much more effective to applaud good deeds and examples than to bile about or simply ignore the bad ones.

Because it’s true that you get what you celebrate.

When we celebrate the good fathers in our Nation,we inspire the ones who are finding it hard to own up to the responsibility of being good fathers to follow the good examples of the good ones.

Even those fathers who haven’t done as well ought to be celebrated for whatever little they do right.

It’s not easy to be a father in today’s world.

Men feel alienated from their families by the stress of having to face a very competitive world,where their value in the society seems to be diminishing in the modern world.

The rise of single mother families by choice,or by default denies the growing boys in our Nation a father figure from whom they can be exposed to the attributes of being a Man.

Most men have grown up having had few examples of what good fatherhood should look like.

They had no fathers in their families to emulate.

And if they were there at all,they never took up the responsibility of being good examples to their sons.

We,men,must take it upon ourselves to tutor our boys into becoming good men and fathers to our Nation.

Men cannot learn to be men from anyone else in the society,other than from a fellow man.

I dread the day that our boys will start seeking affirmative action,or relevance in the society,having had lost the footing of what it is to be a man!

I’m always amazed at how valuable the fatherhood experience is, to the many who take and brave it,through its many challenges,some of which are not of men’s own making,but they must face them all the same.

And so here’s to all those fathers out there who are working hard to provide for their children,both emotinally and materially.

Here’s to all the daddies who,though separated from their families for one reason or the other, at least make an effort to visit their children regularly.

Here’s to the single fathers who have chosen to faithfully bring up their
children (I know quite a few remarkable ones!)

Here’s to those men who are seeking to develop a relationship with their kids, even though they didn’t have one with their own fathers.

Here’s to those men who take their kids to Church or Mosque, because they want them to grow up with good morals.

Here’s to those fathers who are passionate to see their kids have what they themselves missed,when they were growing up.

Happy fathers day,the fathers of our Nation!

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