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I fear for the children of Kenya.

I fear for every child born into Kenya today.

Imagine growing up in a country where leaders inspire the fear of violence in you instead of hope.

It is time we saw this country as ours.

There is the question of opposing the government of the day,which is a democratic right.

Then there is the aspect of opposing and sabotaging your own country if your individual wishes are thwarted through democratic means;that borders treason.

The current contest for the minds of the helpless public is unhealthy for the current and next generations.

It is time to reason and face reality.

We blame each but don’t offer solutions, if we have any — behaviour again.

We love celebrating failure.

It is paradoxical that a country at war can be at war with itself.

That keeps me awake at night.

Why are we so intolerant? Al Gore lost to George Bush,despite having more popular votes than him.

There were no rallies in the US.

By the way, while importing governors, senators and Cabinet
secretaries from the US constitution as a copy-paste system, why didn’t we import their political tolerance and decorum?

We created all the current problems together, and together we must solve them.

Whether it is through
Monologue rallies, as envisaged by the opposition, or current institutions, we need solutions.

Why not have both groups publicise their solutions on all the issues and then we debate them — after
all, the wisdom of 40 million Kenyans is greater that of the few politicians who keep us awake at night with fear of chaos and economic meltdown.

The events in Egypt, Iraq, Libya and several Africa countries should be a lesson for us,not necessarily good examples to follow for our dear country.

The egos of a few politicians should not lead us down the path of

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