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The Cord leadership has decided to lock horns with the government of the day!

They have Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta in their cross-hairs and the ultimate prize is no less than the attaining the Presidency or occupying State House.

The road map is a National Referendum and the agenda reads eerily like the 2005 Yes and No referendum campaign.

Referendums, unlike elections, tend to be extremely divisive!

It is a choice between two options – and in a young and immature democracy such as Kenya, it is divided into the primitive option of Uhuru or Raila.

The script today is no different to the run-up to the 2007 disputed general election.

Ethnic tensions are at fever pitch with certain communities claiming to have been excluded from the government.

The others want to defend the Presidency to the last drop of blood.

Cord claims that the Jubilee government is one of the two tribes who are busy ‘eating’. Whilst the veracity of those claims is difficult to accurately establish, they serve to divide an otherwise fractured nation further!

Cord’s claim cannot, at face value, be taken to be in good faith.

Indeed, it may be dishonest or ignoble as all three Cord luminaries were senior government officials, who did pretty little to reduce tribalism, graft or corruption.

If anything, it escalated during their watch with scandals such as Tokyo and Kazi kwa Vijana.

The whole brouhaha maybe a subtle, veiled threat to grab power and then proceed with ‘the

It will take a lot to convince Kenyans that Raila, Kalonzo and Wetang’ula can act as catalysts for social and political change.

If truly they are social engineers why have they not launched their programmes thus far?

Some have been with the government for 30 years without any visible change even within their backyards.

Kibera remains the biggest and poorest slum with human beings defecating in plastic bags.

Who was the longest serving Member of Parliament for Kibera?

All who say R A I LA aye?

The ayes have it!

Kitui is no different!

Poverty, hunger,disease, lack of water and sanitary facilities is the order of the day.

If there was one man who had political favour from two successive governments and the wherewithal and capacity to change the fortunes of Kitui forever it was Kalonzo Musyoka.

And what did he do with the trappings of power?

All that is documented.

He failed or omitted to do!

Bungoma is not faring any better and Wetang’ula is busy holding press conferences in Nairobi.

Governor Ken Lusaka, however, is making valiant efforts to rescue his community from poverty and deserves the support of every right thinking Kenyan.

It is now official that Cord is being supported and financed by International Non Governmental Organisations and some foreign governments.

An American diplomat ominously warned Kenyans that “choices have consequences” so Kenyans should not be surprised at attempts of “regime change.”

These are the signs of the times, and Cord is their vehicle of choice.

That a respected national coalition has decided to project a foreign agenda against the clear wishes of the Kenyan voter is strange indeed!

It is even shameful.

What is the exact import of their actions?

And how do they intend to marry it with their
future political ambitions?

Methinks it is a ‘poisoned chalice’.

It can, and may backfire with incurable political

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was popularly elected by the people of Kenya.

No amount of shouting, grandstanding or
gerrymandering will ever alter that fact from now until the end of time!

Any person interested in altering that equation
must do so constitutionally.

The option of referendum must as of necessity go through Parliament.

In Parliament, Uhuru is a “forester” to quote a Man for all Seasons (and he is!).

He has the numbers Mutahi Ngunyi calls

And democracy is tyrannical as the majority force their will on the minority.

If Cord dreams, hopes, compasses or imagines that they can pass the referendum issue through Parliament, then they had better dream more intently.

It just cannot and will not happen!

And if Cord believes it will happen, then they are living in a ‘fools paradise!’

Jubilee will not willingly cede power.

And why should they?

I will let you in into a secret!

Jubilee Members of Parliament rejected the candidacy of Kenya’s political Gentleman
Musalia Mudavadi – not because he was a bad candidate, but because he did not have the capacity to finance their campaign!

Uhuru Kenyatta had willingly abdicated the day

Jubilee MP’s summoned Mudavadi and asked him whether he would finance them.

Mudavadi answered: “I cannot, and will
not cheat you. I honestly don’t have the capacity to finance you as individuals, though I can finance a Presidential campaign”.

Who said honesty pays?

Within half an hour they gathered at the Boulevard Hotel and issued an ultimatum to
Uhuru: “Stand or we will move to Raila Odinga this very day!”

They caused Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, a staunch Catholic to go back on his word, to sin!

They went to Uhuru because of his deep pockets!

With a heavy heart, he relinquished and reversed his word of honour to Mudavadi!

UDF lost all that day!

It is all about big money,not issues,as far as Kenya politics is concerned.

Tribe is another important legal tender in Kenyan politics.

“Wise” politicians who know how to use both will always win!

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