By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

Western and European Union diplomats
warned Nairobi of dire consequences if the
elected to ‘jail-headed duo’ of Uhuru Kenyatta
and William Ruto.

Various intelligence cables exchanged by
foreign offices in Kenya and their masters
besides documents verified as authentic and
authored by British diplomats suggesting the
speedy prosecution of Kenyatta besides
skewed evidence are indicative of meddling
and political aspects of the whole case.

On Friday 5th,September 2014, the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told the court that she had no evidence to prosecute and that she was only hoping to get hold of President Uhuru
Kenyatta’s list of properties, bank details, and
financial transactions during the 2007-2008
election violence.

While she maybe clutching on straws, Fatou
Bensouda maybe very sure that there is
indeed something that she can use against
Kenyatta if she has access to these documents.

President Kenyatta of Kenya has not gone to
the court since he was elected president.

The prosecutor prayed the court to adjourn the
case against Kenyatta indefinitely.

The West’s anti-Kenyatta push seemed packed with facts and very credible evidence that could put Kenyatta behind bars.

It was evident in the zeal and confidence at the
office of the prosecutor.

The attrition of witnesses and the subsequent
overview that they were not credible besides
recanting their sworn affidavits confirm
Nairobi outsmarted ICC Prosecutor.

It was a money game and fixing each other
became the thumb rule.

The highest bidder and the one with an edge won the game.

Bensouda over relied on criminals and active
Mungiki thugs who wanted money.

If it ever came to matching the OTP bribery of witnesses,Kenyatta has money and friends with billions to spend on such a high stakes game to forestall such dirty tricks that are driven by hateful Nairobi based NGO’s that bribed witnesses to fabricate evidence against him .

Even the West resources could not match the capability to stymie their covert political game, and they lost blindly as they began playing it.

The ICC and its politically angled agenda to edge out Kenyatta from the apex of Kenyan politics seems to have only left them with rotten eggs on their faces,and African Union is now fully ‘united’ against a court that seems to have been set up to try ‘africans’.

This is a label that the court will not be able to pull down any time soon,especially if this case is thrown out in these ignoble circumstances that it now finds itself in after chest-thumping that it ALREADY had enough evidence to nail President Kenyatta.

The West financiers might as well start collecting their I.O.U slips from OTP’s office in the face of this bungled trial.

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