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uhuru heckling2

The situation seems to be getting worse for Uhuru Kenyatta on a daily basis. After the “military uniform” debacle last week which was widely criticized across the country as amateurish, Uhuru ran into new problems yesterday in Migori where chairs and tables were not only turned upside down but stones, shoes and other missiles while also thrown at Uhuru, prompting his security to whisk him away to safety.

Although he had travelled to Migori “to bring development” via free provision of mosquito nets to stop malaria in Migori county, Uhuru had hardly opened his mouth when pro-ODM youths started booing him. His host, Governor Okoth had even a rougher time because while Uhuru was able to mumble a few words before a security officer snatched the microphone for the President to be carted away to dafety, Governor Okoth never got an opportunity to say anything because chaos erupted before…

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