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By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

Luo Nyanza does not discriminate when it comes to dishing out acts of hooliganism and rowdiness.

It is a subject of study that may interest the students of psychology and psychiatry in our Universities in future.

I hope I will live long enough to read their Thesis on the psyche of these communal hooliganism that is patented in Luo Nyanza.

Remember the Miguna roughing up during his book launch?

Remember Tuju donning a motorbike helmet during his campaigns in Kisumu town?

Remember the ‘MEN IN BLACK’ in the Kasarani Fiasco?

It may be wrong to just single out the Migori chaos and focus only on how they treated the President of the Republic to the diet of their perpetual hooliganism.

It was nothing personal;it is their way of life!

The perpetual violent scenes associated with the hooliganism in all Gor Mahia football matches comes to mind to underscore this fact;if they win the matches,they riot. If they lose,they riot even more!

Hooliganism in this part of Kenya should be seen in this context of continuous agitated state of our brothers from Luo Nyanza.

Luo Nyanza has witnessed several chaotic scenes targeted at leaders in the recent past.

At the inaugural launch of the ‘Okoa Kenya’ initiative in Kisumu at Kirembe Grounds, Kisumu Women Representative Rose Nyamunga was assaulted, her items stolen and her bodyguard roughed up.

Two police women from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were also beaten up and their clothes torn.

Before that incidence,Raila also met resistance from local youths when he attended the inauguration of a Sikh statue that had been erected in the Kisumu Central Business District (CBD) by the Sikh community.

The youth later destroyed the statue, alleging that it promoted idolatry.

But Kenyans are now only transfixed with the images of the Migori Chaos that were probably meant to embarrass President Kenyatta.

Last Monday’s heckling of President
Uhuru Kenyatta in Migori brought back memories of his father Jomo Kenyatta’s chaotic visit to Kisumu on October 25, 1969.

Just like the violence that followed when Jomo
clashed with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Kenya People Union (KPU) supporters, Uhuru’s rally in Migori was marred by shouting and stone throwing.

Rowdy youths took strategic positions in front of the dais, throwing shoes and shouting pro-ODM slogans soon after Migori Governor Okoth Obado rose to speak.

Uhuru had visited the county to launch an
anti-malaria campaign.

Leaders roundly condemned those behind the fracas.

The scene was similar to the 1969 incident in which crowds charged as the presidential motorcade left, prompting security officials to open fire on the mob.

Eleven people died in the fracas and several were injured.

Jomo had gone to Kisumu to open Russia Hospital (now Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral and Teaching Hospital).

In the Kisumu incident, the presidential convoy was met with shouts of Dume (the bull), KPU’s political symbol, from a group of hecklers. Uhuru was also confronted with pro-ODM chants at Migori Primary Grounds, but only this time, the security personnel didn’t fire although they had cocked their guns.

So far, six people have been arrested, charged in court for causing disturbance and released on bond.

Migori County Police Commander Clement Gatogo says many more are still being sought to help in investigations.

Since Tuesday, there has been heavy presence of detectives in Migori.

They are out to uncover the faces behind fracas, even as a blame game continues among politicians.

Last weekend youths blocked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife Ida in Siaya, demanding money.

She had visited to attend the burial of former Bondo MP Hezekiah Ougo.

Last month, rowdy youths stormed Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma’s office and
disrupted the inaugural County Development Board (CDB) meeting that was to be presided over by Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o.

Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno, who is an ally of
Uhuru, was also heckled when he said he would form a new political party, Kalausi, to rival ODM.

The youth accused Dalmas of undermining ODM that sponsored him to Parliament.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado, who is believed to have been the target of the heckling in Migori, condemned the incident and claimed the disruption of the President’s tour was organised by his political rivals.

“The heckling was not organised by boda boda
operators but by political leaders in Migori County.

The youth were paid to heckle me and the President and later wined and dined at a local hotel.

Their bills were paid by one of the politicians,” Obado alleged.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero, who was heckled at a CORD rally during Raila’s return from the US in May, termed the incident as barbaric and primitive.

“The President has been to Western, Coast, North Eastern and many other places and we have not witnessed such acts of hooliganism,” Kidero says.

Raila condemned the fracas terming it unfortunate and uncalled for. “This should not be happening at this age and time. Let every leader freely tour the country and express his or her views,” Raila says.

Ida said the culture of heckling is unbecoming. “Our youth have lost their souls, become restless and reckless and as a community, we must quickly find out what the problem is,” she said.

Nyong’o, while condemning the incident, said the tumult across Nyanza should not be connected and treated as inter-related. “As ODM, we condemn heckling because it is a poor culture and bad manners. It is not a cilivised behaviour. Let aggrieved youths
channel their grievances through avenues in the county and national governments. Let all people be given the chance to speak their minds,” Nyong’o says.

Boiling anger

But Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale,who is not from Luo Nyanza seems to disagree with the sentiments expressed by insiders from Luo Nyanza,including their top leaders. Being an outsider,he probably doesn’t have a good grasp on this interesting subject of debate. Listen to him; “It is not about Nyanza youths. They are just expressing their anger that the President has chosen to take development projects in other regions but give Nyanza a raw deal,” Khalwale says.

He adds: “The President should engage in
meaningful projects related to the youth. Let him leave distribution of nets to nurses. Nyanza youths are angered because they are left out of the President’s development agenda.”

He obviuosly sounds like he is out of depth in his grasp of the subject under discussion!

Let’s leave poor Khalwale alone and go back to what leaders from within Luo Nyanza are saying;

Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch called on the Nyanza youth to be tolerant to divergent political views.

“The chaos at Migori was not spontaneous. It was organised. It is primitive that to date, some
politicians still plan to disrupt their opponents’
rallies,” Aluoch said, adding: “The reaction in the Jubilee strongholds is that of anger and will galvanise the supporters to do worse things to CORD and Okoa Kenya initiative. It is counter- productive.”

That comes closer to what an observant outsider all the way from coast expressed in terms of cost implications to Raila Presidency; Listen to Mombasa Governor Joho:”this type of hooliganism may cost Raila his presidential ambition”. Clever Joho,unlike like poor Khalwale can see through the fog of this absurd behaviour! His portion of pork in ODM is in danger.

Nyatike MP Omondi Anyanga, said: “I am
disappointed as a leader of this region and one who was in the team that visited State House prior to the President’s visit.”

Businessmen and church leaders in Migori
condemned the incident, warning such acts of
violence could scare away investors.

“Let us learn to be tolerant. Heckling and stone
throwing can never solve our problems. We should constructively engage with leaders,” said the Reverend Samuel Ochieng Mark of Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Uriri Central Pastorate.

He said days when name-calling was the order of the day are long gone.

Ababu in an article published elsewhere in this online newspaper advises Raila to “outfox his rival by more ingenious means,other than than throwing “shoes” at the presidency and goes on to illustrate his point by telling a story from Ethiopia.

My take?

There is a psyche that needs to be unearthed that drives Luo Nyanza to “self destruction” in Kenya politics to the extent of stereotyping a whole community as “violent”.

This is a very dangerous approach that may see a whole community demonised and denied its dignified place in Kenyan politics.

Incidentally,this kind of stereotyping is also being directed at the Kikuyu community in the infamous push of “41 against one”.

Could there be a conspiracy to isolate Luos and Kikuyus from the theatre of Kenyan politics by balkanising them into undesirable communities in Kenyan politics?

I’m not a social scientist,but this emerging pattern is a sure recipe for chaos in Kenyan poltics.

God bless Kenya!

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