Citizens Manifesto on Environment

All we can touch, and all we see
began in cosmic history.
How long ago, came things to be?
Perhaps it was infinity.

All our surroundings hold in store
the clues to what has gone before.
A fascination long prevails
to understand time’s every tale.

Our tiny earth holds precious gifts
as through the universe it drifts.
With organisms varied, rife.
Are we alone in having life?

This special form of energy
enduring in its frailty,
bestows such beauty, all admired.
Intelligence is awe-inspired.

When we fine-tune the earth
To perfect it to our human needs
We are being selfish to other forms of life-animals and plants
That still require the world in its course form for survival.

Live and let live
on this occassion of celebrating
the World Environment Day

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