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TONGUE-IN-CHEEK;Praying or PREYING on each other?

By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

Right from biblical times, women have been behind the fall of great men.

If you don’t believe me then you need to read your Bible right from Genesis, where you will read the story of how Eve enticed Adam to eat the forbidden fruit which ultimately led to their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

When you read the holy book further you will come across the story of Delilah who sweet talked Samson into telling her where his true strength lay and she betrayed him to the Philistines who derived joy in humiliating him before his death.

In modern history, the world will never forget
Monica Lewinski, the woman who nearly brought down former United States President, Bill Clinton, through a sex scandal at the White House.

But much as you may forgive an ordinary man for falling into the trap of a Delilah, the last person you would expect to forget the history of women and how easy they can bring down a man using their beauty and charms, is a “man of God” (MOG).

In one of the many episodes that have made
headlines on local television stations and in
newspapers, a pastor from Nairobi was allegedly caught pants down lodging with another man’s wife.

And the excuse the cornered man gave was that he was there to pray for the woman. Really pastor, in the nude?

Can somebody please tell this dolt that this is 2014 where even a nursery school kid will raise eye brows if he stumbles upon two naked adults?

He too woul laugh at the excuse that they are praying together and not ‘preying, on each other.

Suspicious husband

It’s about time the so-called MOGs demonstrated that they have some common sense and are not up to some monkey business.

If, for instance, a married woman tells you that she is in some lodging and she needs prayers, don’t be a goat and rush there as if you are a firefighter because even if the woman in question is genuine,the situation doesn’t sound right from the get go.

You need to choose neutral ground where even the most suspicious husband would not have any reason whatsoever to think that there is some monkey business going on.

Anything else would demonstrate that you are a
creep too and as loose as the woman you will be found embracing.

Allow me to preach a little, you are a man of God and you should always remember that there is nothing that the devil would rejoice in more than finishing you through the sins of the flesh.

Secondly, it is easier for society to forgive an
ordinary man who strays than a man who
purportedly loves Jesus because he is expected to know and act better than we mere mortals.

Requestors for Special Prayers,my dear pastors,may turn out to be PREDATORS

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