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By Bernard Wainaina

President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed his Deputy as the Acting President for the duration of his absence from the country to enable him to attend a status conference on his case at ICC,The Hague.

In his #PresidentialAddress to Kenyan Parliament on Monday,he said that he has taken this step to protect Kenya’s Sovereignty and he won’t be standing on the dock of ICC as President of Kenya,but as a private citizen.

This move is calculated to pacify the African Union which had earlier passed a resolution barring any sitting head of state from appearing at the ICC.

At the same time,this move by the President ensures that for the duration of his absence,there will be no power vacuum in the country with his deputy taking charge as the acting president as prescribed in the Kenyan constitution.

The move is also widely seen as a rebuttal to accusation by the Kenyan opposition which has been harping on the President about not dragging the whole country into a matter which he had promised to take as a personal challenge during his campaigns for President in the last general election.

CORD alliance had urged its troops in parliament to boycott today’s #PresidentialAddress as the president was going to address a personal matter on his attendance to ICC,The Hague status conference.

His advisors seem to have pulled the plug by advising him to handover to his Deputy in a surprise move that was not anticipated by the Kenyan opposition.

This is a developing story and more will follow as soon as we get more details.

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