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By Dikembe Disembe

We are truly sick and tired of a sustained
propaganda by Jubilee Coalition.

Nothing is going on yet they keep on lying to us.

We are sick of them.

It is a chilly morning in Nairobi and we in CORD, the political opposition in Kenya, are still reeling from yesterday’s mind boggling events by President Uhuru and the Jubilee government.

My boss just called me and the feeling is, ‘we’ are not doing enough to counter jubilee propaganda.

Here in the office; a place swarming with young volunteers and party enthusiasts, the three national newspapers have been read word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by
paragraph, page by page, and everyone is asking the same question: how do you counter five pages of propaganda in each of these?

How do you counter the Star’s headline, that
Uhuru spoke to Obama?

How do you convince Kalenjin voting block that Ruto is not the president, when he is waving, as president, on Daily Nation’s front page, seated far back in the Republic of Kenya’s official limo?

Or the Standard’s page two, with a spill over on page three, ”Uhuru hands over power to Ruto ahead of ICC date”?

Who are the political constituencies most affected by yesterday’s unprecedented events?

Put the other way, whose support, if any, has President Uhuru ‘won’?

Lastly, who, or which entity, lost yesterday?

To answer these questions is to respond to a
constant accusation on the Kenyan media – that it is overly gatekeeping for the government of the day, and, has been a hindrance to people’s understanding of the undercurrents of politics.

This view is shared, because, as the praises rent
the air from all media angles, of the ‘rare act’ of a selfless president relinquishing power, albeit temporarily, to his deputy, so much is left out for the common person to guess.

The media is giving raw information, most of which are half-truths,and those with contrary opinion seen to be against, rather than opposed, to the current status quo.

Take for instance Siaya Senator James Orengo,whose analysis of the event is that it was an ”unnecessary political drama”.

“The President didn’t have to appoint Ruto as
acting President. This provision is self executing. Every time the President goes out of the country, the deputy president automatically assumes reigns of leadership as acting president. There was no need for all this drama”.

Nobody seems to be listening to these words of wisdom for CORD’s legistlator!

Everything is now focused on CORD’s decision to boycott the #PresidentialAddress!

What a farce by mainstream media!

What to do now?

And now, a lawyer has gone to court to make a
case of the hullabaloo of Uhuru appointment.

The manner in which it was done is like the President resigned, three years to another election.

See how a Jubilee supporter captured it:

“He may be serving his first term in office, but he’s slowly winning the race to his second and final term as the 4th President of Kenya.
Uhuru Kenyatta is slowly becoming an African name; a global term; and a Contemporary issue in matters international relations.
He has already made local and international news, and formed a discourse that’ll at least last a week.
And any student of politics will tell you how important a week is, in politics.
Most critics (Who are actually right) claim
that Uhuru did nothing out of the ordinary by
appointing William Ruto as the Acting President.
True. He simply invoked a constitutional
obligation, as stipulated by the constitution. That’s true as well. But he did more. He MADE NEWS by invoking the constitution. And that’s what Robert Greene advices in his 6th Law of Power: “Court attention at all Costs” In his book, “The 48 Laws of Power”, Greene advices leaders to “Always win by Actions; never by Arguments”. Now, Uhuru may not be a follower of Greene. He may never have heard about him. But everyday I see and follow
what he does, he makes me look forward to 2017 polls.
At this rate, anyone thinking of being president in 2017, is slowly shooting at his toes. One by one.”

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