"FURI"~ We are 'Friends Of Urban Rivers'

When Mr. Nick Evans suggested that we name the Mbagathi River Study “Mito Safi”,a swahili phrase for ‘clean rivers’,he brought back my childhood memories of swimming,bathing,and drawing clean water from our local rivers for domestic use.

With time,our rivers have become polluted,and are no longer safe for drawing clean water for domestic use,livestock and other uses without having to worry about the hazards of ‘polluted rivers’.

This concern may be what appealed to the late Mr. Drew’s philanthropy in sponsoring the Mbagathi River Study in Karen locality.

Mbagathi river study is an environmental programme that is run by KLDA{Karen Langata District Association courtesy of sponsorship from the Late Mr. Drew.

This programme is being implemented by Mr. Nick Evans,Hon. Treasurer,KLDA,Muthoni Mukere,Rose Karobia all of KLDA office,Mercy Muthoni of WARMA,and Eng. Gideon Gatimi.

In this particular programme,KLDA will cooperate with WARMA{Water Resources Management Authority} in a one year long project to…

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