"FURI"~ We are 'Friends Of Urban Rivers'

In recent times, Nairobi Rivers have become
vulnerable to pollution due to increased

Despite the potential health hazards that the pollution of water bodies has for persons who use the water bodies, river pollution still persists.
Mbagathi River is one of the Nairobi Rivers whose pollution levels may have increased
overtime due to various human activities
along its catchment area as a result of urbanisation.

The Mbagathi River is a river in Nairobi, Kenya.

It is a tributary of the Athi River.

It forms the southern boundary of Nairobi National Park.

Herds of animals cross the river when migrating.

A number of small dams have been built along the river.

This is the same case for most rivers that
traverse towns, cities or other urban areas.

Discard of wastes from the towns or urban areas is a common scenario especially where the necessary sanitation infrastructure and waste disposal mechanisms…

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